Q. Are you Organic?

A. Please read our How We Grow page for how we farm in a sustainable manner.

How do I keep or store the fruit I just picked?

Blueberries: Our fresh blueberries will keep 3 weeks refrigerated or 1 year frozen. Berries will keep a few days or more at room temperature and should be chilled as soon as possible. For best results do not wash the berries prior to storing (fridge or freezer). Washing is not necessary but if you like to, only wash berries prior to consuming. Handle the berries as little as possible. Both washing and over handling will remove the natural film on the berry called the “bloom”. The bloom is necessary for longer shelf life. Always allow air to circulate while refrigerated, never store in a sealed container or bag in the fridge. Remove berries from refrigerator one to two hours before serving. Berries are at their fullest flavor at room temperature. When freezing store in a sealed container or freezer bag. Dry unwashed berries will freeze individually (like little marbles) and will pour out easily. For most recipes thawing the berries is not needed.

Q. What are your Hours of Operation?

A. Summer Hours depend on ripe fruit available, when we have ripe fruit to pick we will be open. All picking hours and days are posted on this site on the What's Picking Today page and on our facebook page, also on our phone message (207)793-4749. We do close for ripening and for inclement weather when needed. Please check the What's Picking Today or call before you venture out.

Fall Hours are Tuesday-Sunday 9am-5pm unless otherwise posted. Always check for fruit availability. 

Q. What is the Cost?

A. There is No Admission charges and no cost for parking. Fruit is sold by the pound, no minimum or maximum amount.

Please click on the What's Picking Today for fruit availability and prices.

Q. What forms of Payment do you take?

A. Cash or Check. We also have an ATM for your convenience.

Q. Do you offer School Tours?

A. Yes! We offer educational tours for all ages and group sizes. All types of tours are welcome including Senior Groups, Bus Tours etc. We are also available (November-April) for at school, corporate, conference presentations. Please call for more information and reservations.

Q. Do you allow Pets?

A. We are sorry but keeping with good agricultural practices and for liability reasons pets are not allowed. This does not apply to service dogs.

Q. Do I need to bring my own Container?

A. No, you do not have to. You are welcome to bring your own container, for berries, which we will mark for the weight (that way you will not be charged the weight of the container).

For Blueberries we have an excellent container for the purchase of a $1.00 that will hold any amount to 12lbs.

For Apples we have special apple bags (1/2 b bushel ≈20lbs) that are provided at no additional cost.

For Raspberries we have pint and quart berry boxes for 25¢ each.

For Peaches we have peck bags or 4qt trays ≈10lbs that are provide at no additional cost.


Q. Are the berries measured by the Quart or by the Pound?

A. All our fruit is sold by the pound. One pint = approximately 3/4lb. One quart = approximately 1.5lbs

Q. What should I bring with me?

A. Maine weather can change quickly and is unpredictable. It is good to come prepared i.e.. jacket, sweatshirt, hat, shorts, raingear sunscreen, bug spray etc. Cold beverages are available for purchase. We have a picnic area for to enjoy your lunch. Either pack a lunch or enjoy hot food on certain days (most weekends but call to make sure).

Q. What Amenities do you have?

A. We have multi room restroom facilities including a handicapped accessible restroom all with hot and cold running water (no out houses!). Our check in/out building and pavilion are  heated for those crisp fall apple picking days. Shuttle rides are available to take guest over the entire picking fields. A shaded picnic area is available. 

Q. How many Plants and Trees do you have?

A. We currently have 12 varieties/10,000 Blueberry plants on over 18 acres and are still planting more. We also have 18 varieties/5,500 Apple Trees , 7 varieties of Peaches and 4 varieties of Plums. We have 7 varieties/2,000 Raspberry plants and we are planting more next year. In total we have about 40 acres in production each year.

Q. Can we find a Hiking Trail close by?

A. YES, within 1/2 mile of our farm on Sawyer Mt Rd. there is a new parking lot and trail to the summit. This new trail connects to the existing trail and parking lot located on RT. 117 Maps will be available at our farm. For more information on Sawyer Mt. visit Francis Small Heritage Trust, Inc.

Q. Do you have Strawberries to pick?

A. No, I am sorry we do not grow strawberries. However we recommend visiting Doles Orchard, they have pick your own strawberries in season. Doles is located in Limington, 6 miles away from us.

Q. Are there any local places to spend a night (or a week!)?

A. Yes, there are hundreds of places to stay the night in Southern Maine.  Accommodations from ocean front to lake front to mountain views. From 5 star resorts to motels, from bed & breakfast Inn’s to campsites.

The Jeremiah Mason House Bed & Breakfast is located in the Limerick Village.