86 Sawyer Mountain Road, Limerick, Maine 04048 

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Please avoid the following roads, for they turn to dirt: Shaving Hill Road, Staples Road, Coffin Hill Road, and Norton Road                        

Always follow the Libby & Son U-Picks signs for best results

Please follow Our "Libby & Son U-Picks" signs. If you are using a GPS or any sort of computer guided directions. Please be advised the GPS or PC map's may show a quicker route then stated above. In some case that shorter route will involve dirt "back roads" ( and yes we do still have dirt roads in Maine). I assure you this will not be a quicker route. To avoid this please follow our "Libby & Son U-Pick" signs once you have reached them.              

You can always call or email if you are having trouble finding us, will be glad to help you out.